The Gentlemen create delectable sounds for discerning ears. They’re people people who are just as excited to be on stage in someone’s living room as on stage at music festivals. The Gentlemen are Nicholas dancing and singing like a cast member from Michael Jackson’s Bad, Josh playing keys and bass with sickening ease, Joel in a whir of limbs thrashing out disco beats on the drums and Sean clad in tail coat and gold paint bringing the Bollywood bling. Their music is a celebration of neon-kitsch and the human heart, with all the pop glitch of Passion Pit and the anthemic drive of M83.

The Gentlemen have been writing, recording and touring their own songs since 2005. Based in Sheffield they have gained a strong fan base throughout Europe and the UK. Marrying the worlds of electro-pop and indie, The Gentlemen have been described as “Brilliant” by Dermot O’Leary who invited them to play on his Radio 2 show in June 2013.

With two albums under their belt, Smile Back At Me (2007) and A Candid History of Faith Hope Love (2009), The Gentlemen are currently preparing to release their eagerly anticipated third studio album “Departures” November 18th 2013.